Catxies World
What is Catxies World?
Catxies World is a platform that integrates NFT games, NFT collectibles and decentralized farms. By joining the world of Catxies, you not only have fun but also have the opportunity to make money by farming materials and crafting items but also by the increasing value of your collectable NFT over time.
Catxies World offers multiple game modes: • Survival Mode • Farming Mode • Adventure Mode • Town Mode
Some of the game modes will give you the chance to earn Cat coins; those coins can be used to buy items from other players, mint new NFT, improve your house, get valuables and much more. Destroy monsters on the field to earn rewards and experience; work together with friends and multiply your chance of rewards!
We work with the desire to create a world where people can have fun while earning NFTs, socialize and meet new people. Here, we always believe in our players and empower them to contribute and make Catxie World even better.
Last modified 4mo ago
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