Catxies World
Catxie World Coin
Good to know: CWC can't be obtained ingame, is a governance token where holders can have a vote on game decisions.
Catxie World Coin (CWC) is a governance token; it will give you vote on all the Catxies World decisions, it can’t be earned from the game but it can be acquired through exchanges, ICO and public sales, the income will go to the Liquidity Pool and provide funds for further Catxies development.

Initial Supply

500.000.000 CWC

Liquidity Pool

Locked for 3 years.


To be Renounced
Liquidity Pool to be Locked
250.000.000 CWC
Available for Private and Public Sale
200.000.000 CWC
Marketing Account
10.000.000 CWC / 5% released by month
Developers Account
10.000.000 CWC / 5% released by month
Investors Account
10.000.000 CWC / 5% released by month
NFT Rewards Account
10.000.000 CWC
Game Development Account
10.000.000 CWC
From the total Supply of 500.000.000, 10.000.000 CWC will be distributed as reward to the owners of the Catxies World Collection with an exchange rate of 1000 CWC to 1 NFT owned, and a limit of 20 NFTs in wallet; this is a Gift to the people who started this journey with us from the beginning and we want to be sure they get a return on their investment..
Collecting a NFT and being at the start will give you advantage as you will get CWC token before the release and public sale of the Token on ICOS and being a candidate to be Whitelisted if you want to buy more tokens and make a good profit while supporting the project.
The funds in the Game Development Account can be used only if 51% of votes say yes to a development proposal. We will publish how much of the funds we need and for what reason and token holders can start voting until certain period of time; once the voting is over, and if the proposal gets enough Yes votes, we will proceed with using the funds, if the votes gather more No votes, then a second voting round will be started where we propose a Crowdfunding campaign where Holders can donate Matic and use these funds instead of using CWC, any extra Matic that is left from this action will be injected back into CWC liquidity.